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Supporting lymphedema patients















Lympha Press®

The Lympha Press® is a 12 chamber sequential pumping device with a structure of sleeve that is unique ONLY to the Lympha Press® brand of lymphedema pumps. It is because of that unique construction that the  mechanism of action provides a gentle massage and movement of fluid up and out of the affected limb, which in practice can be very similar to the practice of manual lymph drainage.  For more information go to

Lymphedema patient - day one

Lymphedema patient - day one

 Lympha Press®

Lympha PressMOVEMENT OF FLUID IN A DISTAL TO PROXIMAL DIRECTION:  The unique overlapping of the air compartments within the sleeve guarantees a calibrated gradient pressure and prevents any gaps between the functioning compartments creating a "milking" effect on the affected limb,  that produces nearly the same quality of lymphatic fluid as is present in a healthy limb.

MULTI-COMPARTMENTAL PRESSURE SYSTEM:  This system supplies pressure from the distal area of the sleeve and progresses proximally through the overlapping cells thereby providing a calibrated "milking" pattern.

SHORT 30 SECOND CYCLES:  These brief cycles allow for comfortable, high-pressure treatment to encourage maximum patient compliance and comfort.

OPTIONAL VARIABLE PRESSURE CONTROLS:  Provides control over calibrated pressure rom 30-200mm Hg.

Lymphedema patient - day two

Lymphedema patient - day two

Lympha Press Mini®

Lympha Press Mini

Home treatment is an important component of lymphedema therapy. Treatment at home with the Lympha Press Mini® is easy and effective, saving time and money on clinic visits, and increasing patient compliance.

Lympha Press Mini® gives the same hospital quality  treatment  as  the  Lympha Press®,  with a short cycle for natural fluid movement and up to 24 overlapping chambers per garment.

Lympha Press Mini® is simple and easy to use, and has an upper pressure limit of 80 mmHg, making it safe for use at home. Lympha Press Mini® operates quietly, is easy to store, and is portable for use during travel.

Lympha Press Mini® can treat one or two limbs simultaneously, and can be used with all Lympha Press® garments.

Lymphedema patient - day three

Lymphedema patients - day three


Lympha Press® Plus

Lympha Press Plus

Fully programmable, for individualized treatments.

Start with Pre-treatments:  a unique cycle based on the principles of manual lymph drainage.

Then to calibrated gradient compression:  Highly effective treatment for maximum results and comfort.

Finish with Pre-treatment:  a unique cycle based on the principles of manual lymph drainage.

Compatible with all Lympha Press® garments.

Lymphedema patient before using the Lympha Press

Lymphedema patient before

using the LYMPHA PRESS


Lympha Pants®

Lympha Pants

These compression trousers contain 24 fully overlapping cells, and treat the entire lower body, including groin and abdominal area. Designed in accordance with the principles of manual lymph drainage, Lympha Pants optimize treatment of the torso/limb juncture while providing complete bilateral treatment of the lower limbs. The adjustable boot supports and treats the foot in a comfortable, neutral position. This adaptive feature makes the Lympha Pants ideal for use in clinics and hospitals, as well as at home.

Lymphedema patient after using the Lympha Press

Lymphedema patient after

using the LYMPHA PRESS



  • Deep Vein Thrombosis

  • Acute Infection of the affected limb

  • Decompensated cardiac failure